About Psychofrakulator

German DJ Psychofrakulator is just here to entertain you. His concept is simple: Fun! Frustrated by the narrow-mindedness of Original House Grumps, who feel holier than everybody else because of some made-up coolness rules and hipsters, who only go to the club to show off their new designer sunglasses, he created the Oer-Erkenschwick Underground. A DJ movement, named after and located in his own, super boring hometown, with the goal to mock today’s ‘Underground good/commercial success bad’ mentality and make the dancefloor fun for everybody again.

But as much as Psychofrakulator is about fun, his sets are the real deal. Inspired by versatile Djs like Fatboy Slim, Felix Da Housecat or Armand van Helden, he never only plays one sound and loves to pepper his House/EDM/Acid sets with old school Hip Hop, Funk and Disco classics or even Hair Metal! And all that in a way, that makes his sets and mixtapes feel organic and not like a bunch of random parts thrown together.

Having played in several small venues all over the Ruhrpott and even on Ibiza, he currently enjoys his residency on the internet, where he plays weekly shows on Mixify and reaches via the miracle of Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Hearthis.at and such, the biggest possible audience. Although he is of course still available for outside world gigs.

For more information and booking info: psychofrak.booking@googlemail.com