Well, we all know that disclaimers are bullshit. Doesn’t matter how you phrase them, it won’t stop anybody from suing your ass off. Anyway, it’s still better to have one. It makes your website look reputable. So if you click on the button below, you will read a fancy one in German and English:

That was the official part. Since we are all friends here, let me also assure you personally, that I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings or violate copyrights with this blog unless I tell you otherwise. So please don’t sue me for whatever reason you may have. Keep also in mind that I don’t have any money, so even if you drag my ass to the court, you won’t get much out of it. (Apart from bad publicity.) But I will probably co-operate if you ask me, so remember: Just sending an e-mail is quicker and you don’t have to pay a lawyer for it.