Some Quick Thoughts About “Serato Face”

If you read DJing related websites and message boards or just follow some DJs on social networks, you have probably heard about that SERATO FACE meme. If not, it’s just about showing photos of DJs, who stare blankly at their laptop screens. It even has its own Tumblr and some websites already wrote articles about how to avoid it.

And actually it is pretty funny. I mean, just look at some of these faces! The one problem that I have, is that its getting turned into (or maybe was already conceived as) anti-digital-DJing argument. Y’know, those darn kids with their fancy computers just stare at their screens, instead of striking poses and waving at the crowd. And they even have the pictures to prove it!

But come on. If you really believe that SERATO FACE is something, that only happens to digital DJs, I have to ask you how old you are and since when you are allowed to get inside clubs.

In fact, just like DREAMWORKS FACE is actually known as CALIFORNIA ARTS FACE and even appeared in old Disney movies, before the internet noticed it and put the DREAMWORKS label on it, SERATO FACE is a normal DJ thing and should really be called MIXING FACE.

Y’know, these SERATO FACE pictures have all one thing in common: They are just pictures and pictures only show one short moment of a day. If they were videos, you would definitely see that these digital DJs are way more alive, than they appear to be on these pics. But whenever a DJ is mixing, the moment will come, when he has to focus on…y’know…the mixing! His face will freeze and he will look at his equipment and do his job, instead of smiling at you. Maybe he will even turn his back to the dancefloor and search his record cases for the next track to play! Of course if he is digital, he has to look at his laptop screen, but believe me, SERATO FACE happens to every DJ, even if he doesn’t use a laptop.

Oh, you don’t believe me? Well, then let’s have a look at these “analogue” DJs.


See? Lots of Serato faces, but no laptop anywhere. It’s just what DJs look like every once in a while. And while I think that it’s sometimes funny to laugh at the faces of people who focus hard on doing their jobs (Come on, sometimes they just look too funny!), it really makes me sad to see how DJs get critizised for whatever they do. They just can’t win! If they jump up and down in their booth and look like they are having a great time, they should sit down, shut up and focus on their mixing. And if they sit down, shut up and focus on their mixing, they make an internet meme out of it and complain about they aren’t dancing in their booths.

Oh well, I’m not going to write another rant about how we should just all get along and enjoy the music that we like. I just wanted to let you know that SERATO FACE is a load of bullshit.

Have a nice day.