About DJs & “Jesus Poses”

This won’t take long. It’s just a quick thought. Usually I would just put it in two or three tweets, but to be honest, I thought this should be preserved longer. You know how much I tweet. What I want to talk about are DJs, who tend to spread their arms at one point during their sets. Something that is regarded as “striking a Jesus pose”.

Striking such a pose became pretty fast a cliche and an object of ridicule. But to be honest, doing this is in my opinion not nearly as silly as calling it a “Jesus pose”. Did you ever look at those Jesus things at church? Sorry, but I fail to recognize how someone would see a DJ, who makes people dance, associate with an (no offense, I’m just describing it) ugly, disturbing portrayal of a bloody man, who got tortured to death! What is wrong with you people? I got nothing against Jesus, but unless your DJ starts covering himself in blood before he spreads his arms, this ain’t a Jesus pose for me.

And most of all, Jesus died for our sins! I know, many star DJs, have a huge ego. I mean REALLY fucking huge! But do you really think that any DJ seriously thinks something like: “Yes, people on the dancefloor! I am DJ Blabla and I died for your sins! Also I am the son of God.” Yes, it is awesome to “control” a huge crowd like a DJ does, but unless they suffer from a psychological disorder (which “being an arrogant prick” is not), I doubt that they really identify themself with the son of God!

Actually, as someone who likes to strike silly poses whenever he feels good, the whole arm spreading thing always came across to me as “embracing the moment”. You have fun and there are hundreds, dozens or even thousands of people around you who have a good time too. You are the center of everybody’s attention. Even in a good way, not as in: “Oh shit, I crapped my pants in the middle of the schoolyard and everybody saw it”. Now you have two possibilites:

  1. Stand there quiet, close your eyes, take a deep breath and hope that this moment never ends;
  2. Spread your fucking arms as wide as possible, so that even the people in the very last corner of the club can see what you are doing;

I’m sorry, but if you ask me, there is nothing wrong with visibly embracing the moment. If you wanna jump to conclusions and think that I’m spreading my arms because I think I’m on the same level as a religious icon, okay, but that makes you the jerk. Not me.

That’s all. Proceed with whatever you did before I interrupted you.