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Psychofrakulators Abenteuerspielplatz 02/2015

The adventure continues, with a mix that contains Funky House, Acid and why not, also some EDM. You know how I roll by now. And therefore you know of course that you can download the mix on Soundcloud and listen to it via the embedded player below, but also on, and Psychofrakulators…

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Starting 2015 Soon

Okay guys, soon I will be more busy again, with at least bi-weekly livestreams and uploads, DJ charts, blogs, maybe podcasts, who knows? But this won’t happen before FEBRUARY 05th! I use January for doing some “house cleaning”, like deleting unnecessary music from my hard drive (We all know those tracks that are fun for…

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My Best Of 2014 Mix!

Wow, finished it at the last minute. 😀 As the title says, it’s a mix of my 45 favourite tracks of 2014. (Okay, as I learned this morning, one came out in 2000, but it got re-released again big time this year. That counts IMO.) Why 45? That’s  a 3 1/2 hour mix, man! Come…

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