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Stiff Neck, Sore Back Radio 2016/03

Hey everybody, after a longer hiatus I’m back. This time with a short, but good episode of the STIFF NECK, SORE BACK RADIO show. I hope you enjoy it. If not: Whatever. You can stream it through the embedded player below, but also at: Mixcloud Soundcloud And of course get your free…

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#TBT: RMB – Widescreen

Sorry to go full Hipster on you, but today I wanna talk about one of the best dance albums of the 90s, that you have probably never heard of. Unless you happened to grow up in Germany during that time and was interested in that kind of music. (Which, IF you grew up in Germany…

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Stiff Neck, Sore Back Radio 2016/01

I can’t believe that this is my first mix of the year, but I had some serious shit going on in the last 3 2/3 months, that prevented me from doing anything. Mostly back and neck problems and technological trouble. But I’m back now and have a funky mix, yo. Yes, I said „yo“. Embedded…

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