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Stiff Neck, Sore Back Radio 05/2017

So here we go again, it’s my live set from last Friday! Full of House, Tech House and Acid House goodness. Here are the links: Soundcloud Mixcloud And of course the player below. Enjoy! Listen to Stiff Neck, Sore Back Radio 05/2017 byPsychofrakulator on…

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The Greatest 90s Techno Time Capsule You’ll See Today (Or Maybe Even This Week, Month or Year. Definitely Today.)

While discussing with some friends the differences between the 90s in the US (Which were apparently more about Grunge, being sad that Cobain died and acting like you are too cool for everything) and Germany (Which were all about party, drugs, silly outfits, girlies and more party), I came across this 5 (five) hour long…

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