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What’s Happening…Again

Yeah, I start to sound like a broken record (Get it? Record? DJing?), but again I apologize for my lack of…everything. 2016 was really a kick in the nuts, especially on a personal level, which was the main reason why I didn’t DJ enough or do anything else. (Remember the time when I live streamed…

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Announcing my week of mixes

It’s no secret that I’m recently struggling hard with DJing. Health problems and lots of other stressy things seem determined to ruin every bit of fun for me,  but I won’t give up like that. Therefore I try over the next at least five days, to play at least one set of 1 hour minimum,…

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Netflix does EDM with "XOXO"

Guys? I’m not gonna lie. I love, that the trendsploitation movie has finally reached the dance music scene. Okay, a little late for the broad festival sound, that outsiders refer to as „EDM“, but still: There is a spot inside my movie loving heart, that feels warm and fuzzy because of this. Yes, stuff like…

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