What IS a bad DJ name anyway?

Hi! Yeah, I kinda neglected the blogging part of my website more than I neglected the DJing part recently, but I got here something, that I wanna talk about for a bit.

Every once in a while, like in this Mixmag article, the topic of “bad DJ names” comes up. Mostly when some writer reads a DJ name, that is more than just the DJ’s real name (or at least a name that could pass as his or her’s real name, like Sven Väth, Eddie Armador, Steve Aoki, Todd Terry, Josh Wink, you get my point). There ARE some insanely crazy ones out there,  including the ones mentioned in the article, like “Skull Vomit” or “Shitmat”, but are these names really that bad?

Okay, disclaimer: my DJ name kinda falls into that category too. It’s not just that a surprisingly amount of people have trouble pronouncing it right (I actually considered changing it to “Psychofucker”, because of how often folks thought that would be it), it also comes from a mostly forgotten box office bomb from the 90s. Therefore I might not be the most qualified person to talk about that topic. But I like my name and I stand by it. It’s recognizable. People read “Psychosomethingwithf” and they know it’s me! And when you pick a stage (or booth) name, it should be something recognizable. Does it even matter if it’s a joke that gets old fast or doesn’t make sense at all?

Is “Fatboy Slim” really such a good name? Or “Felix Da Housecat”? “Deadmau5”? “Westbam”? “Black Madonna”? “Moguai”? “Kölsch”? Shit, even “Daft Punk” is pretty stupid, if you ask me! And most of all: Why is it, that only DJs have to deal with the “bad name” stigma? “Red Hot Chili Peppers” is an awful name for a band. Or “Queens Of The Stone Age”. Or “Foo Fighters”. “The Beatles”. Do you hear anybody complaining about that?

In conclusion, I think too many people in the scene are afraid of having fun, which also includes DJ names. Sure, you better pick one that you aren’t ashamed of after a while, but if you ask me, there is nothing wrong with picking one, that isn’t just “cool” or your birthname. Be creative and don’t be afraid of being silly! Because fun is what this scene is about!