The Greatest 90s Techno Time Capsule You’ll See Today (Or Maybe Even This Week, Month or Year. Definitely Today.)

While discussing with some friends the differences between the 90s in the US (Which were apparently more about Grunge, being sad that Cobain died and acting like you are too cool for everything) and Germany (Which were all about party, drugs, silly outfits, girlies and more party), I came across this 5 (five) hour long video of a TV Broadcast from the Mayday in 1995.

The Mayday, as you might know, was Germany’s (and I think the world’s) biggest indoor rave and back then, Techno (as we called it as kind of a collective term for all kinds of electronic music that couldn’t be classified as Synthiepop or Eurodance) was such a huge part of pop- and youth culture, that Viva, back then our biggest music channel, was there with a live broadcast. And watching this again, is such a crazy trip!

Things that you will see in this video (in no special order and among other things):

  • Heike Makatsch (Who non-Germans might know as actress from movies like “Resident Evil” or “Love… Actually”) hosting
  • “Mainstream” dance music, that is closer to Hardstyle or Speedtrance than modern EDM and has the potential to make every Dubstep fan fall on his knees and cry: “THAT’S TOO LOUD!! TOOO LOOOOOOOUD!!!!!”
  • Marusha totally blueballing everybody on the dancefloor, who was enjoying “Higher State Of Conciousness”
  • Commercials for CDs like “Hands On Yello” or a sampler named “Harcore Membram Terminator”, which might be the greatest name ever for anything!
  • A super babyfaced Moby, who even had (blonde) hair!
  • Hardy Hard still spinning as Hardsequencer
  • Carl Cox playing tracks with 150+ bpm
  • Dieter Meier from Yello!
  • The more commercial Mark ‘Oh being defended from audience boos with (In German): “Don’t be like that, the scene stands for tolerance!”
  • People sending Faxes instead of e-mails or Tweets
  • Da Hool still under the name Hooligan
  • Josh Wink still wearing dreadlocks and being called “Lucilectric” (A German singer from that time, who also had long dreadlocks) by Stefan Raab, who would later become one of Germany’s biggest names in TV
  • A surprising amount of female DJs (Some are even shown behind the decks)
  • And much more!

So here we go! Enjoy dat shit, because these times will never come back!