What’s Happening…Again

Yeah, I start to sound like a broken record (Get it? Record? DJing?), but again I apologize for my lack of…everything. 2016 was really a kick in the nuts, especially on a personal level, which was the main reason why I didn’t DJ enough or do anything else. (Remember the time when I live streamed a show once a week?) Now the year is almost over and it’s time to start with my FAVOURITES OF THE YEAR MIX.

I will totally do that!

Expect it in a month from now or around christmas.

Apart from that, I also try to pimp my life shows. I bought a fancy green screen, changed my ISP to get a higher upload speed and even got an HD webcam! All in all I try to make it more professional. OF course that shit is just smoke and mirrors and it’s the music that counts, but expect in 2017 my return to weekly live streams and expect them to look good.

That’s it for now. See you later!