Netflix does EDM with "XOXO"

Guys? I’m not gonna lie. I love, that the trendsploitation movie has finally reached the dance music scene. Okay, a little late for the broad festival sound, that outsiders refer to as “EDM”, but still: There is a spot inside my movie loving heart, that feels warm and fuzzy because of this. Yes, stuff like “We Are Your Friends” or the upcoming Netflix Original Movie “XOXO” is super cheesy, but so were movies like “Breakin'”. And I know that I’m part of a very small minority, that actually enjoys these movies unironically.

Sure, I still hope that at one point some talented autheur will make a period piece about the Chicago House Music scene of the 80s, but until then I take Netlix’s “XOXO”. It at least looks visually ambitious. But let’s be honest. The best dance music DJing movie remains “Kevin & Perry Go Large”.