#TBT Sweetbox feat Tempest: Booyah! (Here We Go!)

I realized earlier this morning, that this track is over 20 years old. (Release year: 1995) Shit, I remember hearing it for the first time on VIVA (German music channel) and falling immediately in love with it, while also trying to downplay my excitement, because my mother and aunt weren’t really into that song “with a simple beat and even simpler melody”. Anyway, this is one of those underrated House classics of the 90s. Back in the days. you have probably heard it many times in the club (or even on the radio, since it was a little bit of a crossover hit), but it never reached true anthem status. For me, it is a true anthem, though. It still sounds fresh and I still love to listen to it and even play it in my sets once in a while. After BOOYAH, Sweetbox turned more into a pop rap (emphasis on pop) act, but also a commercially very successful one (for a while), but I’m not holding it against them. Some of their songs were seriously good, but of course nothing beats BOOYAH! (HERE WE GO!)