Okay, the weekly live show is BACK! EDIT: But a day later

Yes, after a very shaky year and some sabbatical in January, I will now finally continue to stream a new DJ set live on Mixify. THE STIFF NECK, SORE BACK SESSIONS are happening every Friday night at 10 pm CET (Which is, as I have to admit, not the best time to get a huge audience, since everybody and their pets are streaming at that time, but it’s a time, that works great for me.)

EDIT!!!!!!!! I had to delay the first show to an even more crowded timeslot, because I’m gonna watch DEADPOOL! Priorities, y’know. Now it’s happening on Saturday the 13th, 8:30pm CET.

If you wanna join or simply need a countdown for your timezone, look no further than here. I hope to see anybody there.