Listen & Download: My 50 Favourite Tracks Of 2015 (In The Best Mixable Order)

Damn, those Best Of The Year mixes are getting longer and longer. But I think 50 tracks will be the absolute maximum. Anyway, 2015 was kind of a shitty year and for several reasons I didn’t DJ as much as I wanted to. Not even for myself. There were even moments, where I wanted to quit DJing for good and not because of my lack of success (Let’s be honest. I never expected to become a famous or at least remotely successful DJ anyway.), but the scene became so incredibly toxic and it seems by 2015 nobody was in it anymore for the fun or the love of music, but instead only to tell others how much they suck. (I call it the “House Gangster Syndrome”.)

But this isn’t important. Important is that here is an almost 4 hour long mix, consisting of my 50 favourite tracks of the year. It’s surprisingly House focused this time, but I assure you it’s not because of some fake Disco Sucks Anti EDM/Hooray-for-the-“underground” attitude. It just happened.

You can download a 320kbps version here or listen to it through the Mixcloud player below or of course at

Have fun and and have an awesome 2016.

My 50 Favourite Tracks Of 2015 by Psychofrakulator on Mixcloud