What’s Happening Right Now

Yes, it’s gonna be another one of those Life-kept-me-from-doing-shit apologies. Because life kept me from doing shit. 2015 was a pretty shitty year for me anyway, but I’m sure nobody wants to hear about that.

While I can’t promise that there will be any regular sets anymore this year, I start working on my FAVOURITES OF 2015 set soon and I promise to not do it as late as the last one (Which I finished on the morning of December 31st).

But you should also know that I am forced to leave Soundcloud soon. I won’t hold it against them completely, that they are removing DJ sets and mash-ups, since they are still a legal grey area, that technically swings more to the copyright infringement side, but as you might know, after three strikes they delete your account. Yesterday they removed another mash-up for copyright reasons, which will be my 3rd strike and that means, in a few days my Soundcloud account will be gone. At least I will save 9€ per month now. Also there are enough other places to upload my stuff. Okay, my Soundcloud just really took off (I even had my first legit celebrity following me on there!), so it’s a little tragic, but oh well. That’s life, I guess.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I hope you hear from me soon! Here is a kitten.