Random Cool Shit: Rave Train

The times of TV channels, that play music videos all day long, are definitely over. People predicted the death of music television in the early 00s, when everybody thought that illegal downloads would prevent you and me from actually buying music. But what nobody predicted, was that music videos and such would just relocate themself to the internet. (It was a different time back then, without social media, YouTube and high speed DSL flatrates. If you wanna learn more about it, take a voyage down to the public library. It’s all in the books.)

And today I came across a DJ-centric webshow, that reminded me immediately of those good times, when magazines like HOUSEFRAU where must-see TV for me. It’s called RAVE TRAIN and tries to be an EDM-centric version of the classic SOUL TRAIN concept. As a German, I never really saw an episode of SOUL TRAIN, but thanks to references to it in McGs CHARLIE’S ANGELS movie or an episode of FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR, as well as parodies on THE SIMPSONS and SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, I knew it anyway.

Quick summary: The show ran for decades on American TV and was a showcase for the freshest in soul, funk and R’n’B, but mostly for the people who danced to it. And I can totally see why it became such a phenomenon. Just look at that! I wonder how many people accidently hurt or at least made a fool out of themself, while trying to imitate what they saw on SOUL TRAIN!

And RAVE TRAIN tries to be pretty much this. Only with electronic music and a new guest DJ playing a short set in every issue. And yes, it totally works! Your milage may vary, but for me, it’s the kind of show I would have recorded every Friday or Saturday night off TV to watch it right when I came home from the club! The DJs so far have been playing cool shit (with a different music style in every episode) and the dancers definitely know what they are doing. I really hope it will catch on, probably getting longer sets, maybe even from a star DJ once in a while (as long as they still put lesser known ones in the spotlights too). That would be cool! Finally a webshow, that I’m really looking forward to!

Here is the first episode. You can find some more at ravetrain.tv