First Impression Of That New Beatport Streaming Thingy

As you have most likely heard by now, the Beatport music shop is now called “Beatport Pro” and the normal Beatport is about to become a streaming service like Spotify and Co. Only dance music focused.
When this was announced, we all wondered what this is gonna be like. Will we be able to stream the whole catalogue for free? And…yeah, that’s all we wondered, I think. Come on, Beatport doesn’t have everything, but they have an impressive collection of dance music available! And being able to listen to all of it would not be cool, it would also be helpful if you actually wanna buy a track! We all bought tracks before, that sounded great in a short preview, but actually kinda sucked in their full length version. So this would be one problem less.

But I digress.

In the end: Free Beatport streaming, yaaaay!

By now it’s in its Beta phase and I actually got an invite yesterday. (Which probably means everybody got one by now.) And here are some first impressions after trying it out for a few hours.


Or at least I hope so. Because frankly, I should have curbed my enthusiasm a bit. At the moment, the music catalogue is pretty small-ish. You admittedly get lots of new stuff, although I haven’t found any of the Beatport Exclusive releases, that I got on my Beatport Pro hold bin at the moment. But if you wanna listen to classics, you might be disappointed. (AGAIN: DISCLAIMER! THIS WILL MOST LIKELY CHANGE SOON!) If I go and search for “Silver Screen Shower Scene”, the only available version of it is the Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo remix. Basically no artist I’ve tried so far had that many songs available. Fake Blood for example has only three and one of them are the same one twice. Also they are remixes that he did, so not EXACTLY his tracks, depending how you look at it. (Not saying that remixes are worthless or something like that.)

The weirdest thing that is missing so far, is the option to make your own playlist. You can “heart” tracks and artists and they show up on your profile then, but you can’t put them on a playlist. I don’t know anything official, but I think we can be sure that this option will be available soon, because a streaming site without the option of creating playlists is simply worthless. Even more so if it’s aimed at DJs.

The most annoying thing at this point of the Beta, is that the music often needs too much time to buffer. I have a fast DSL connection, but it happened constantly that certain songs didn’t start right or stuttered. But that maybe might be caused by the suspected millions of invites that were all sent out at the same time.

On the plus side so far: The site is easy on the eyes. Some might say too easy, with its simple white layout. Whatever you look for is easy to find (if available) and apart from the mentioned buffering problem, I didn’t notice any technical glitches. This is more than I can say about Beatport Pro!

So all in all, it has potential and while I was also a little disappointed, I also got more excited for the whole thing! I hope they don’t rush it and take their time with making it all worth signing up. The anticipations are high and they better meet at least 85% of it, before they open the gates.

That’s all. Proceed.

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