Random Thought: Is Dance Music The Last Genre With Great Videos?

We all know that music videos are a dying artform, that peaked in the 90s. And we all know what happened then. Okay, I remember experts predicting 12 years ago, that there wouldn’t be any music videos made anymore at all by this time, but we shouldn’t blame them for underestimating the power of YouTube and co.

Yet, the music video scene isn’t exactly what it used to be anymore. Today videos, in which Beyonce or Taylor Swift just dance for 3 minutes in front of a blue screen, are getting hyped as the coolest shit of the year, while back then something this lame would have been just shrugged off with an “Yeah, it’s okay, I guess.” Of course during the golden age of music videos, there were still more lame ass boring videos than real masterpieces, but if you really wanted everybody to talk about yours, you had to be creative! Or at least have a fucking big budget!

I think the first half of this video is seriously spot on:

But seriously, right now it seems to me that if you want some music videos, that are creative or at least LOOK creative, you have to look for dance music vids. Sure, not all of them are great. There are still many pretty stupid ones or just shots of people dancing over and over, but over the last two or three years, there were more from that corner of music world that I wanted to watch over and over, than from any other genre.

Here are some examples:


Come on. Show me any videos of the last few years, that are NOT made by OK GO and are equally interesting to look at! And yet, a video in which Taylor Swift acts like a psycho bitch gets all the press, because apparently it’s self ironic or something. *sigh* Oh well…