Recommended Reading: Drew McWeeny’s Film Nerd 2.0 – Star Wars Edition

Posted on November 11, 2011

Since I’m not able to write anything interesting by myself right now, I’m just gonna link to other people’s work again. In this case a column named FILM NERD 2.0, which he wrote over at HitFix and is about a father’s experience with introducing his kids to some of the most popular movies in history. The father is Drew McWeeny a.k.a. MORIARTY from AIN’T IT COOL NEWS and the co-writer of John Carpenter’s two MASTERS OF HORROR episodes. And in this case the movies are the STAR WARS movie.

It’s more interesting than it sounds. Mr McWeeny and his wife not just seem to be very responsible parents who take the guidance in “parental guidance” very seriously, he also found an interesting way to solve the years old dilemma of do-I-watch-the-prequels-before-or-after-the-original-trilogy.

Anyway, here they are.

A New Hope

The Empire Strikes Back

The Phantom Menace

Attack Of The Clones

Revenge Of The Sith

Return Of The Jedi (Y’know, how come I didn’t noticed the error, that I made with the link earlier. And more important: Why did nobody tell me. I know that SOME people are reading this, so I think at least one or two of you could say “Hey, you gave the link the wrong name!”)


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