New Mix For Competition

Posted on Juli 17, 2014

Yes, after a while I decided to join another mix competition. Sure, those things are usually rigged as fuck and have priced that I don’t care about, but that DJ Mag Next Generation Competition on Mixcloud seems pretty cool. I just need 50 plays to qualify, so feel free to tweet, like, +1 and whatever else this mix.

DJ Mag Next Generation Competition Mix Without A Silly Title by Psychofrakulator on Mixcloud

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Listen & Download: Ruhrpott Style Pool Party 3

Posted on Juli 04, 2014

So…here is my live set from July 03rd 2014! You can listen via the embedded Soundcloud player below, or if you prefer something else (or it got removed teeheehee), you can also try, Mixcloud and Hearthis. Some of them are streaming only, but you can also download it on some sites.

Anyway, enjoy!

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June 2014 DJ Charts Podcast

Posted on Juni 29, 2014

Remember when I made a monthly DJ Chart Podcast? Well, here I go again!

1 Crookers – Able to Maximize (Ciao Records)
2 Kreap – Eat Da Poo Poo (Safari Music)
3 Eclectic Method – The Wolf Of Wall Street Chest Thump Mix`
4 Lana Del Rey – West Coast (Four Tet Remix) (Universal Music)
5 Elektroschneider – Hand Hoch Hellman (Deeptown Traxx)
6 Jaques Raupé – Banana Joe (Toka Beatz)
7 Watermät – Bullit (Spinnin’ Deep)
8 Moguai – ACIIID (Spinnin Reconrds)
9 Snow – Informer (Gege Remix)
10 Cajmere feat. Dajae Tiger – Satisfy (Stripes & Pleasurekraft Remix) (Cajual Records)
11 Orlando Riva Sound – Body to Body Boogie (Federico Scavo Remix Extended) (Ultra)
12 Vicetone – Ensemble (Doorn (Spinnin’))
13 Shiba San – I Like Your Booty (CUFF)
14 Jorge Ben Jor – Taj Mahal (Felguk Remix) (Decca (Umo))
15 S-Man – Dangerous Thoughts (UNDR THE RADR)
16 Members of Mayday – Sonic Empire ( Tocadisco Bootleg )
17 Klaxons – There Is No Other Time (Akashic Records/Because Music)
18 Dr. Motte and Robert Babicz – Born2be (Praxxiz)
19 Röyksopp & Robyn – Do It Again (Embassy One)
20 Giuseppe Mistrali – The Kiss of Judas (Aviogrounds Records)

Bonus: The Juno Download version of it, which of course lacks stuff that isn’t available on that site, but you can buy some of the tracks! Although I don’t get money from it.

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Listen & Download: Ruhrpott Style Pool Party 2

Posted on Juni 28, 2014

And here is my newest live set for you! (Well, newest by the time of its release. If you read this in 2019, there may be a few newer ones by then.) Download it at Soundcloud, listen to it through the embedded Mixcloud player below or on, if you prefer this site! Enjoy!

Ruhrpott Style Pool Party 2 by Psychofrakulator on Mixcloud

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Listen & Download: Spontaneous EDM Combustion

Posted on Juni 16, 2014

Well, sometimes you are just not in the mood for subtlety and have to play the loud shit. Such a day was last Saturday. Don’t expect too much very little heard underground stuff, but I hope you will have fun.

(also available on & Mixcloud)

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Listen & Download: Ruhrpott Style Pool Party 1

Posted on Juni 14, 2014

Summer is here!!! Fuck.
Anyway, the best thing about those hot evenings and nights? Dancing outside till the early morning. So of course you need some cool mus…oh whatever. We all know that you won’t suddenly think: “Hey, Let’s play that new Psychofrakulator mix!” while hanging out with your friends.

BUT you might be interested in listening to it anyway, so here we go. Stream it through the embedded player below. Of course you can also go to Soundcloud (where you will also find a download link) or Mixcloud.


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The Sexy & Dangerous Disco Adventures Of Psychofrakulator 5: A Blue-Haired Fairy Is Yodeling With Her Boobs Out

Posted on April 27, 2014

So here is my newest entry in my ongoing series of Funky and Disco House mixtapes! As usual its title has nothing to do with its content. It’s just 90 minutes of cool music to shake your booty to. Listen and download it on Soundcloud!
Shake your ass after the break

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Listen & Download: An Islington Primary School

Posted on März 14, 2014

Oooh, what’s that? Yes, it is my newest live set! Listen and/or download it on Soundcloud!

What? You don’t like Soundcloud? Well, how about some or Mixcloud then?

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Listen & Download: Four Miles East Of Myerstown

Posted on März 10, 2014

Here is my set from last weekend! Enjoy!


00:00 : Eddie Amador feat. Dez – Beyond The Velvet Rope (Original) [Citrusonic Recordings]
07:00 : DJ Anna – Six Figures (Original Mix) [Kraftek]
12:30 : Dense & Pika – Backstage Mute [Hotflush Recordings]
18:14 : Frederic De Carvalho and Hiroki Esashika – Shakkira (Original Mix) [SHAX TRAX]
21:14 : Freakadelika – Just Freakin’ (original mix) [Green Park]
25:27 : Hugg & Pepp – Penguini [Turbo Recordings]
29:38 : Electrixx – Tetris (Original Mix) [EXX Records]
34:30 : Jaques Raupe – Pusteblume 2k14 (Tocadisco’s Peter is on Acid Remix) [Toka Beatz]
38:58 : Alex D’elia & Marco Maniera – Nova Artes (Club Mix) [Frequenza Digital]
44:55 : Moonbootica, Reset! – Party Life (Original Mix) [Moonbootique]
49:15 : Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine – Bodywork (Original Mix) [Fly Eye Records]
53:58 : Chocolate Puma – Go-Go Boots (Original Mix) [Pssst Music]
59:38 : Phuture – Acid Trax [Trax Records]

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Listen & Download: And Suddenly Psychofrakulator Returned…

Posted on Februar 09, 2014

Let’s make it quick: Here is my Live set from last Thursday. Just some House, but good stuff. Feel free to download it on Soundcloud.

It’s also available on and Mixcloud.

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