Listen & Download: An Islington Primary School

Posted on März 14, 2014

Oooh, what’s that? Yes, it is my newest live set! Listen and/or download it on Soundcloud!

What? You don’t like Soundcloud? Well, how about some or Mixcloud then?

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Listen & Download: Four Miles East Of Myerstown

Posted on März 10, 2014

Here is my set from last weekend! Enjoy!


00:00 : Eddie Amador feat. Dez – Beyond The Velvet Rope (Original) [Citrusonic Recordings]
07:00 : DJ Anna – Six Figures (Original Mix) [Kraftek]
12:30 : Dense & Pika – Backstage Mute [Hotflush Recordings]
18:14 : Frederic De Carvalho and Hiroki Esashika – Shakkira (Original Mix) [SHAX TRAX]
21:14 : Freakadelika – Just Freakin’ (original mix) [Green Park]
25:27 : Hugg & Pepp – Penguini [Turbo Recordings]
29:38 : Electrixx – Tetris (Original Mix) [EXX Records]
34:30 : Jaques Raupe – Pusteblume 2k14 (Tocadisco’s Peter is on Acid Remix) [Toka Beatz]
38:58 : Alex D’elia & Marco Maniera – Nova Artes (Club Mix) [Frequenza Digital]
44:55 : Moonbootica, Reset! – Party Life (Original Mix) [Moonbootique]
49:15 : Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine – Bodywork (Original Mix) [Fly Eye Records]
53:58 : Chocolate Puma – Go-Go Boots (Original Mix) [Pssst Music]
59:38 : Phuture – Acid Trax [Trax Records]

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Listen & Download: And Suddenly Psychofrakulator Returned…

Posted on Februar 09, 2014

Let’s make it quick: Here is my Live set from last Thursday. Just some House, but good stuff. Feel free to download it on Soundcloud.

It’s also available on and Mixcloud.

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A Reboot. (Not The Lame Hollwood Kind)

Posted on Januar 27, 2014

Since its launch, this place here has always been my personal blog for all kinds of random things. I wrote rants about cartoon shows, posted stupid YouTube videos, episodes of my webshow and published my DJ sets on here.

Well, from now on I will only do the latter one.

Yes, I try to focus on my DJ career and therefore this place will be only about my mixes and live appereances. Speaking of those: After having spent the last few years without being booked at any clubs (For whatever reason…), I decided to focus on live streaming only. Yeah, I’m gonna be a bedroom DJ, who only appears on the internet.

That may be a step back or a sign of resignation for some people and I’m not saying it isn’t. Yet, I try to put all my DJ related energy into this “new” direction. Which means: Weekly live streams, making more mixtapes, trying to do guest mixes for other websites, pretty much trying to make myself a household name as an internet DJ.

And if I won’t be successful (again)…well, I will keep going. I love DJing. Becoming famous with it would be nice, but I really do it for fun. Otherwise I would have sold my DJ gear years ago.

But the point is: From now on this is the Psychofrakulator zone. The name and url stays, but it will be all about DJing. My Twitter stays as random though, so if you enjoyed all the weird rants, silly shit and even my YouTube show, you will like it.

That’s all for now. Have a great 2014, y’all! (Yes, I said “y’all”.)

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Oops, Late 2013 Mix!

Posted on Januar 19, 2014

Yeah…uhm…I totally forgot to post my overlong BEST OF 2013 mix on here. Well…here we go.

2013 With A Vengeance by Psychofrakulator

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Listen & Download: The 2013 X-Mas Sessions Vol 01

Posted on Dezember 08, 2013

Yeah, I know, I should update this shit more often, but you are not the boss of me! Anyway, here is my newest live DJ set, which is full of Aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! Streamable through the player below and the link that says DOWNLOAD takes you to Soundcloud, where you can download the whole mix without registering. (Or listen to it there, in case you prefer it.

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Listen & Download: Return To The Mansion Of Dr Psychofrakulator

Posted on November 01, 2013

Whaddup homies?! (Yes, I just said that.) I hope you all survived Halloween without getting murdered. If you are dead, this might cheer you up: It’s my Halloween set from last night (which was Halloween). You know the deal: Listen through the embedded player below, download via the Soundcloud link that says “download”.

(Get scared after the jump)

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Das popkulturelle Plauderstündchen (Folge 14)

Posted on Oktober 31, 2013

Diesmal mit einem Samurai, einer Killerpuppe und einem Mustang, der keiner ist.

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Listen & Download: Live From Belize

Posted on Oktober 12, 2013

Long story short: Here is my new live set. Not my best one, but good enough to share it with you. As usual: Listen via the embedded player, download by clicking download, which will take you to Soundcloud, where you can listen too. It sounds more complicated than it is. Enjoy!


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Das popkulturelle Plauderstündchen, Folge 13

Posted on Oktober 03, 2013

Diesmal mit dem Poster zum neuen Film von Christophe Gans, einem ganz miesen Trashfilm aus den 80ern, einen Blick zurück auf BREAKING BAD, inklusive ein paar Worte zum Finale, sowie einer Kritik zu GRAVITY!

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